Man-sized piranhas, fish that electrocute, nine-foot river sharks (yes, river sharks) … You’ve seen the programmes; now find out what it takes to deliver these outlandish creatures to your living room – and why nobody had done it before.

Join the presenter of the global hit TV series River Monsters, biology teacher and angler turned seat-of-the-pants explorer Jeremy Wade, for an evening of mystery, mayhem and monster wrangling.

River Monsters: Face-to-Face is an exclusive opportunity to hear from one of the world’s most extreme anglers, reliving the most exciting, scary and dangerous moments of his career. Featuring film clips, personal tales and technical tips, Jeremy Wade will share his experiences from over 30 years of travelling to the most remote corners of the globe in search of monster catches.

Whether you’re a fan of River Monsters and Jeremy Wade, an amateur or professional angler, or an adventurer at heart, this live show will enthral and entertain. River Monsters Live on Tour is suitable for all ages and will give a rare opportunity for you to put your own questions to Jeremy.


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